Bicycle Route across and along the tulip fields


This bicycleroute goes along and across the bulbflowerfields and it takes place on Sunday the 22th of April 2018. It is about 40 kilometres. Enrollment in advance is not necessary! There is no limit of contestants.


This unique ride across and along the flowerbulbfields can only be done on Sunday the 22th of April 2018. Only this day the flowerbulbgrowers give permission to bike across in their tulip fields.



Start & finish:

- Agrarisch Business Centrum BolleNoord, Groteweg 9, 1756 CK ‘t Zand

- Eetcafé Rondom Gelukkig, Grote Sloot 351, 1751 LD Schagerbrug

- Eetcafé Halfweg, Burgerweg 9, 1754 KC Burgerbrug

- Wildrijk, cross Belkmerweg - Zeeweg in Sint Maartenszee


Costs of entrance are: € 5,- by person (up to 12 years € 2,50). This prize includes a little snack on the way and a fun goodie afterwards.


You can start from 9.00 and the finishtime is 17.00 o'clock.


Need a bike? 

- Bungalowpark Campanula, Belkmerweg 62, Sint Maartenszee, tel. 0224-561502, info@parkcampanula.nlFietsverhuur Campanula
- Camping De Zeester, Westerduinweg 32, Sint Maartenszee, tel. 0224-561417,

Camping Sint Maartenszee, Westerduinweg 30, Sint Maartenszee, tel. 0224-561401,

- Harry's Tweewielers, Dorpsplein 6, Callantsoog, tel. 0224-581787,
- Camping Tempelhof, Westerweg 2, Callantsoog, tel. 0224-581522,
- Camping Callassande, Voorweg 5A, Groote Keeten, tel. 0224-581663,
- Camping Corfwater, Strandweg 3, Petten, tel. 0226-381981,

Fred's Scooter en E-Bike Verhuur,  De Fok 10,  1742PD Schagen,  0224-299874