The Slow Train, very suitable for the movement impaired.

The Flowering Zijpe flowerbulbexperience for the movement impaired, is organised for the eighth time this year by the foundation of Flowering Zijpe.


Individuals and groups can book from Friday the 6th of April 2017 until Sunday the 76th of May 2018.  The times:

  • Start 11.00   Finish 13.00
  • Start 13.00   Finish 15.00
  • Start 15.00   Finish 17.00

The Slow Train starts and finishes at Land van Fluwel, Belkmerweg 65, 1753 GD Sint Maartensvlotbrug. Have you always been curious of where the flowers come from? The flowerbulbfamily loves to tell you about the familybusiness and about the history and current cultivation of flowerbulbs.


After the explanation about the flowerbulbbusiness, the flowerbulbroute starts with a special Slow Train, that rides across the blooming flowerbulbfields.


The costs for this unique flowerbulbexperience, the route per Slow Train, coffee/tea with a treat and a goodie is € 10,50 by person, thanks to a good subsidy from the municipality Zijpe/Schagen.


An advanced booking is always required!


You can book since February 2018 with the following e-mail

Phone: 0031 224-562555 (Land van Fluwel)